Andrea Gerhard has guided everybody through our 40th anniversary celebration of the TUHH in a charming and relaxed way. She has positively contributed to the success of this event.

Jasmine Ait-Djoudi, public relations Technical University Hamburg (TUHH), 2018

“Highly professional, charming and with the perfect sense for people and situations – this is how you have contributed to the great success of the exhibition on the ‘IdeenExpo 2017’ on stage. Through your interaction with the moderator’s team as part of life shows, conversations with apprentices and students as well as through interviews with high-band representatives in politics and business – Andrea presented our topics and company in a professional, competent and open way. You managed to explain complex topics easily, infectiously friendly and motivating and therefore inspired our visitors at the stand every single day again.
A moderation with identification, passion and personality and through this more than just a professional job.”

Frank Lachotta, 2017

„Andrea Gerhard organised and moderated the line-up ‚Klappe Auf!‘ at the film festival Hamburg hosted by BFFS. She was always capable to react spontaneous, competent and friendly to any imponderables, which is her leading strength. This is obvious in her moderating style; flexible, attentive and always open for her counterpart.”

Katrin Klamroth, Filmfest Hamburg, 2017

„Andrea regularly moderated the culture tipps of the evening at Hamburg’s culture network ‚Hanse Rendevouz‘. Her professional preparation, openness and eloquence in moderating have always contributed to the event with a further highlight. Outstanding is Andrea’s ability to integrate the audience and react to her listeners with charms and esprit.”

Micha Gab, Gute Leude Fabrik, 2017

„Also moderator Andrea Gerhard (Hamburg) has contributed to the great success of the evening. She led through the agenda in a charming, laid-back, entertaining but still informative way.”

Unser Lübeck, Print, 2016